Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best use for Kindle AND Many projects but no camera!

I've somehow destroyed another memory card for my camera so no pics. I just don't feel inspired to post without photos which is partly why its been so long.

The Kindle: Dh got me one for Christmas and it is wonderful for reading in another language if you are studying one! I bought a Spanish dictionary for Kindle from Amazon and made it my primary dictionary. Then I downloaded some books in spanish. Amazon has some free books and then there are places like Manybooks. I like to read children's books for the moment because of the more limited vocabulary. So I am reading The Secret Garden (El Jardin Secreto) in spanish. The great part is that when I move the cursor to a word that I don't know, the Kindle looks it up in the Spanish Dictionary! No more flipping through books while I (attempt)to read in Spanish! (It misses a few words and doesn't recognize verbs if they have pronouns atattached to the end, but generally speaking it is great.)

I also have Isabelle Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and other spanish writers loaded in. But I have an idea, probably not true, that with books that I loved so much as a child the words will stick with me better. We'll see.

Projects: I am mosaicing a little table, crocheting a scarf and painting trees on a closet door. Hopefully will have picture capability back soon!