Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who would get rid of that? (I would!)

I've often said it when I see amazing things at yard sales or 2nd hand stores. Like last week I got a pretty oil painting for a dollar that was inscribed on the back. But then I like amateur art for my porch, the gift recipient possibly didn't.

I've lived in one place for over 25 years and things accumulate. I'm not good at yard sales because I can only stand to do a box or a bag at a time, not the whole house. Since some recent reno and work has disrupted several rooms, my house is looking like a hoarder house on hgtv. I've got to do something now, or give up!

Friday a friend of mine picked up a box of stuff I'd gathered together to take to her oldest grand daughter's house an hour away (friend's car was totally packed.) Gd is paralyed from the shoulders down, and she was having a yard sale to benefit a former care giver and friend of hers who has gotten a terrible illness. In my box were a couple of very nice, even moderately expensive things in perfect condition. I don't use them and they were taking up valuable space in my kitchen cupboards. If someone else loves them - so much the better. And if someone buys them from friend's gd and sells them on Ebay - then 3 people benefit - four if you count me!

Early this morning I couldn't sleep so I went and finished a closets cleaning project. I'll be giving a full garbage bag of nice clothing to the thrift store which benefits a woman's shelter in my hometown. I also found a pair of summer pants I can wear now (oops I tried them on since I wrote this - in the bag they went!), and some vintage stuff to send my niece who lives in Brooklyn NY. I did keep some dresses from the 1940s even tho I'll probably never wear them again. (I wore vintage in my youth.) Now there is space for Dh's cold weather jackets rather than the front hall. And my shoes will be with my clothes and mirror where they should be.

I felt a twinge many times in the process, "shouldn't I be selling this stuff myself and making some money?" I know I won't do it. If one of us was out of work I'm sure I'd have more incentive. As it is everything would sit in the closets and cupboards. What is important to me is to give other people the chance to use something in good condition.

Its such a relief to have things out.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mushroom dreams

I haven't posted cuz I lost my camera.
But now I've comandeered dh's.
Here's a garden project of sorts. Check out others at The Garden Party at Keen Inspirations!
We had to cut down our Birch Clump. See the nice 4 foot logs?Birch logs

Well I've always wanted to try growing mushrooms, so I ordered some oyster mushroom plugs and drilled and hammered. The three logs took 300 plugs!


Then I put them on a pallet underneath the hemlock bush on the north side of the house. Water twice a week more or less. And wait (and wait).... Photobucket

I've got my fingers crossed.

Since its going to be such a long wait, here's something to look at: a picture of a Luna Moth that was on the telephone pole outside our house one morning. I saw it from a distance and thought someone had put a little cut out umbrella on the pole. Maybe one of the little girls who live on our street. But no. I was amazed to see. It stayed all day then flew away at night.
Looks a bit like a mushroom, no?


Have fun,