Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sky shots from Windsor Vermont

Check out amazing skies from all over the world at Skywatch Friday.

Mine are recently taken from Windsor Vermont.



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Thanks for looking. I lost my camera, and my dh got me a new one for my birthday. I took these pictures on my birthday, and I'm not used to using it yet!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More from the Path of Life Sculpture Garden in Windsor VT

Here is the area for Family.


You can see the circle of figures symbolizing Community from Family.


And then a couple of closeups of the figures in Community. They are 10 or so feet tall.


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You can look at an earlier post about these gardens here.

If you decide to visit, Simon Pierce glass blowing, and a brewery with a restaurant are nearby! The cost to visit the garden is $5 for adults.

Update: I posted some pics of the maze on Garden Web. Here is the link. I hope that the fact that I also linked from there to here doesn't destroy the universe or anything.

I'm linking up to Yard Art Thursday at Work of the Poet.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Custom porch chair cushion

I got this chair and cushion for our newly reno'ed screen porch at HD at the end of season sale. It was the last chair and last cushion at the HD in our town.


DH really liked the cushion, and wanted me to get another one for our old pale yellow rocker figuring we could use something else for the back. This nice compact rocker for our small porch has family sentimental value, but has been difficult to fit with modern cushions. And the few that sort of fit obscure the pretty shape of the back.

So I when I went to help my mom in my hometown, I went to the HD there hoping to find another like the one I bought. All that was left in that pattern was a chaise cushion - but it was only $21. Thats a lot of material and padding for the price. So I thought I can do this. In the picture below I've removed the padding and cut 3 layers into the shape of the seat of the chair, using a pattern I made out of newspaper. You can see it sitting in front of the rocker.


I did the same for the back, with 2 layers of batting. For the fabric on the bottom seat, to minimize sewing, I only made some adjustments to the existing chaise shape, making it smaller and sewing box corners on the front. The back I was more daring and totally remade, cutting 2 pieces in the shape I wanted then cutting strips for the sides. I intended the back cushion to slide in back of the seat cushion and just reach to top of the back, but I discovered its so much more comfy this way:

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Its now the best seat on the porch! And it was easy, inexpensive and fun to realize I can do it. Now I want to make cushions for all my chairs.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guitar guy! Yard art Thursday

This 20 foot tall (my estimate)guy is made out of river drift wood and recycled wood. He is one of five similar musicians at the Path of Life Sculpture Garden in Windsor VT. The boards at his feet are the xylophone of the adjacent musician!
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I went yesterday for my birthday with dh and dfd and her boyfriend. I'll post more on the garden with more pics this weekend.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yard art Thursdays - sculpture accidental and on purpose

I'm linking up to Work of the Poet's Yard Art Thursdays. Check out the other Yard Art posts there!

I love the way my dh stacked our birch logs then the cut down slabs of bark that the sawmill cut off first before making boards out of the trees that we cut down. (The operator brought a portable sawmill right to our drive way - it was very cool and interesting.)

Next to the pile is the old porch footing - concrete cast in a nail bucket (bucket long gone), and a round metal "box" from the dump on top.


My neighbor piled some stones up on one of the stumps which is almost flush to the ground. I kept thinking of Mama Rabbit in Beatrix Potter when I was in my driveway.


The funny thing is that my neighbor had them stacked differntly until they fell down, and that time they looked like Jemima Puddle duck to me! Can you see Mrs. Rabbit?