Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More from the Path of Life Sculpture Garden in Windsor VT

Here is the area for Family.


You can see the circle of figures symbolizing Community from Family.


And then a couple of closeups of the figures in Community. They are 10 or so feet tall.


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You can look at an earlier post about these gardens here.

If you decide to visit, Simon Pierce glass blowing, and a brewery with a restaurant are nearby! The cost to visit the garden is $5 for adults.

Update: I posted some pics of the maze on Garden Web. Here is the link. I hope that the fact that I also linked from there to here doesn't destroy the universe or anything.

I'm linking up to Yard Art Thursday at Work of the Poet.


  1. And well worth the $5 to see it too! I luv looking at these kind of things.

  2. Awesome place, Kathy! Those giant faces are so cool, kind of like Easter Island.

  3. Awesome...I hope to build a circle to honor the four winds in my garden, so much work to do inside the new studio...then there's the gardens...I'm terrible I want it all now!!!

  4. Kathy thought exactly what I did when I saw them. They look so much like the Easter Island statues.
    The family area looks very Zen-like. :)
    Nice post!

    (Round The Bend)

  5. You're doing find Kathy. Your "concreteprimroses" automatically linked up from my blog to yours when you posted. Love your "Yard Art" shots! :)

  6. What great pieces. Looks like a great place to visit!

  7. Looks like very interesting and nice place !!!!


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