Sunday, April 11, 2010

Corporations now have individual rights, what about the responsiblity for "ones" actions?

29 men are dead. Coal miners in West Virginia. Massey Energy Company, their employer, has individual rights, according to our Supreme Court. What about "individual" responsibility? 11,000 safety violations in 3 years, and despite full knowledge of the danger, the choice was made not to ventilate the mine adequately. Who is the individual and will "he" be held accountable? In addition there have been a huge number of environmental violations. If Massey was an individual "he" would would go to jail. But no, a corporation just gets fines which are part of the expense of doing business. 29 men are dead. Its part of the price of doing business. 29 men are dead. Massey corporation can spend any amount of money in elections opposing lawmakers who investigate their practices because he she it (?) has the individual right to free speech guaranteed in our constitution. 29 men are dead. What about their right to speech?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Yard Art Thursday! Oops its Friday Plus FLOWERS! at last!

I'm a little late for yard art Thursday. Go there to check out the other yard art!
I was so exhausted when I finished painting out side yesterday that I fell asleep on the couch after supper and didn't post thes pics that I took.

Below is a frog on top of some old bird bath pieces piled up to look like a mushroom, vaguely. In front are some Primula denticulata, the drumstick primrose. I love these primroses!

Primula denticulata "alba"

Next my feeble attempt at a concrete morel mushroom is in back of my Primula "Hose in Hose". You can see that the flowers appear to be one inside the other, which apparently is how gentlemen used to wear their stockings, with one turned down at the knee, hence the name.


And my new mini daffs - my favorite garden art, flowers!

Hope flowers are blooming at your house too!