Friday, October 31, 2014

Allow Americans to pay ransom to terrorists?!!!!

I know this is a craft blog but I'm so upset at what Scott Brown, who is running for US senator in New Hampshire said last night in the debate with Senator Shaheen that I have to comment everywhere in my (admittedly rather small) realm.  If we start paying terrorists ransom money, Americans will be snapped up everywhere for money.  Think of the danger that this puts our troops in and possibly even tourists.  Scott Brown either you are so deep into the Republican mission to say that nothing President Obama does is correct that you will say anything in opposition without thinking or you are truly an idiot.  Either way you do not belong in the US Senate.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Head vase

I wanted to learn to make faces out of broken dishes.  I learned a lot while making these faces.  Next, on to planters.  I love the ones where the plants look like the hair.  Good sized face pots typically cost over $100!  So I'm hoping to get my technique down and make some of those next.

This is a small vase with 2 flatish sides that I picked up at a yard sale.  I had the weldbond glue and the grout and the dishes.  If this was for outdoors I would have attached the dish shards with either silicone or thinset which is what I will do when I make the pots.

My first face, needs stronger lips:


I like this one better, but find it a little scarey.


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Mosaic Stand, not yet grouted.

I started this almost 3 years ago and got stuck and put it aside because I was unhappy with parts of it.  And the back ground was very hard because I should have marked guide lines on the pot but didn't.  In the last week I tackled the problems and made some changes and finished the picky tiles in lines background.   It was definitely a learning experience, and will continue to be when I grout it in the spring as I am determined to use 4 or 5 different grout colors (outside!).

The whole thing is still sitting on a lazy susan, and the plate on top is not attached but I probably will use it so.

I was inspired by a beautiful luna moth that stayed for a full day on a telphone pole outside our house.

The green moth and the birch tree are the "fronts", the sides are a little boring.  I will probably paint the terra cotta top and bottom edges, not sure what color yet.

And it will go on one of my porches as a little chair side table or plant stand.

Thanks for looking.

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