Saturday, July 20, 2013

Three dress to skirt refashions, 1 failure, 2 okay

I got two almost identical XL dresses in India print at a TS for a couple of bucks each, thinking they would fit my foster daughter.  They did fit but were not flattering.  So I decided to try to make something for me.  I only took a before pic of this one, but there is also a red print which is the second refashion in the post.

Dress plus pants

Another sewist who posted at the Refashion Coop had added a skirt to a pants waistband and top so I thought I would try that with the top of these old linen pants which have never fit me well.

Dress plus pants

So I cut the skirt off the dress at the gathers and attached it to the pants top.  

Dress plus pants

Then....  disappointment!  What was I thinking.  I have no idea what to do with these now.  About all I can say for this skirt is that it fits.  Too much pant part and too much gathers, I think.  The trouble is the pockets of the pants go low.  I may try to redo this (later, much later).

Dress plus pants

Ok the red dress is next.  I had seen a cute skirt in Anthro with a similar print and a dropped waist.  So this time I cut the skirt off above the gathers, just below the armholes to leave room for a casing and have the gathers drop to the hips.

Refashion dress

And put some nicer buttons (that I got at the same TS, later) to replace the plastic wood look standard cheapo ones that the dress came with.  There weren't enough of one style so I used two cute small ones at the top and the larger ones you see for the rest.

Refashion Dress

Turned under to make a waistband and put elastic in elastic.  I sewed up the button up front, tho I kept the look of it.   I think its ok.  Not sure I like how I styled it in this photo, but you get the idea.

Refashion dress

I wish I had made it a bit longer.  Still could I guess!

Finally, I found a wild colorful too large print dress at a TS.  It was a sleeveless pull on.   I cut it off under the arms, took in the sides (with my new serger - love it so much),  saved some fabric when I took in the sides at the bottoms for the side vents.

Measuring the side vent

I like it, and its a nice length.

Long skirt made from dress

So I'm not really thrilled with even the 2nd two which I have worn and will wear again.  Even so, one of the wonderful things about refashioning is that I am improving my sewing skills and trying styles without spending much money.

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