Monday, February 17, 2014

Mosaic Stand, not yet grouted.

I started this almost 3 years ago and got stuck and put it aside because I was unhappy with parts of it.  And the back ground was very hard because I should have marked guide lines on the pot but didn't.  In the last week I tackled the problems and made some changes and finished the picky tiles in lines background.   It was definitely a learning experience, and will continue to be when I grout it in the spring as I am determined to use 4 or 5 different grout colors (outside!).

The whole thing is still sitting on a lazy susan, and the plate on top is not attached but I probably will use it so.

I was inspired by a beautiful luna moth that stayed for a full day on a telphone pole outside our house.

The green moth and the birch tree are the "fronts", the sides are a little boring.  I will probably paint the terra cotta top and bottom edges, not sure what color yet.

And it will go on one of my porches as a little chair side table or plant stand.

Thanks for looking.

I'm linking up to Stephanie Lynn's Sunday Showcase at Under The Table and Dreaming and The Weekly Link Party #2 at Just Between Friends.  Check out the other great projects there!



  1. This is such a beautiful stand. It caught my eye because I am constantly starting projects and putting them aside when they go askew.
    Not sure how it looked previously but it sure looks great now. Just a suggestion...a natural look would be to paint the terra cotta one of the greens in the leaves. It is going to be so pretty outside.

    1. Thanks Ginger. I hadn't thought of green. I'll experiment a bit once I've got it grouted.

  2. Glad to see you posting again!

  3. Wow! That is such a great mosaic piece! It looks like a lot of work but worth it. Luna moths are so will have that piece to remind you of your "visitor".

  4. I like the concept of the 10 min. I'm fun of flylady and I'm familiar with it. Recently I made a shift dress working in 10 min each day. Your mosaic work is beautiful and quite unusual.


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