Friday, August 20, 2010

Custom porch chair cushion

I got this chair and cushion for our newly reno'ed screen porch at HD at the end of season sale. It was the last chair and last cushion at the HD in our town.


DH really liked the cushion, and wanted me to get another one for our old pale yellow rocker figuring we could use something else for the back. This nice compact rocker for our small porch has family sentimental value, but has been difficult to fit with modern cushions. And the few that sort of fit obscure the pretty shape of the back.

So I when I went to help my mom in my hometown, I went to the HD there hoping to find another like the one I bought. All that was left in that pattern was a chaise cushion - but it was only $21. Thats a lot of material and padding for the price. So I thought I can do this. In the picture below I've removed the padding and cut 3 layers into the shape of the seat of the chair, using a pattern I made out of newspaper. You can see it sitting in front of the rocker.


I did the same for the back, with 2 layers of batting. For the fabric on the bottom seat, to minimize sewing, I only made some adjustments to the existing chaise shape, making it smaller and sewing box corners on the front. The back I was more daring and totally remade, cutting 2 pieces in the shape I wanted then cutting strips for the sides. I intended the back cushion to slide in back of the seat cushion and just reach to top of the back, but I discovered its so much more comfy this way:

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Its now the best seat on the porch! And it was easy, inexpensive and fun to realize I can do it. Now I want to make cushions for all my chairs.

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  1. Very Cozy, and I like Guitar Guy!!

  2. You did a great job. Don't you luv it when things work out so well and finding the material to make the back was really COOL!

  3. Now that is creative re-use of a bargain! Brilliant. The rocker cushions look fantastic, and VERY comfy!

  4. Love the fabric, great job...wish I liked to sew...ewwwww...ha!

  5. Good for you! Thats a great idea to do that. I wouldn't have thought of that one...*s*...
    I love the pattern too.
    hope you have a lovely day
    come by and visit when you have some time..
    I'm a follower now... *s*..

  6. ....well I'll have to come back...your follower thingy isn't working right now...


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