Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I made a fringed zippered pillow.. AND use what I have self-challenge!

I'm hooking up to Whatever Wednesday at Someday Crafts! Check out the fun projects there.

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I really should have gotten longer fringe for such a big pillow. Well live and learn! This is just regular cotton fabric, not upholstery fabric. I'll see how it holds up. Hoping since its in the woman cave, it will be more gently used.

I decided to write a tutorial for one of those how to sites just for fun. I'll post the link here when I finish it. I'm sorry its not done yet, had those camera problems yesterday.

The longest I've ever left my Christmas tree up was .....

Valentine's Day!!

So Dolly is the latest, but Shawna and I are also in the February club. I took mine down this past weekend this year.

I had trouble with my camera yesterday - took hours to recover my photos from a defective card which I have now thrown out. I finally gave up and bought a recovery program because this has happened before. I have to say it worked amazingly well.

January and February I am doing a use what I have craft challenge. My pillow uses a zipper from grandma's zipper box which I was lucky enough to inherit. I've got some crochet projects lined up AND even though I really really want to go buy new yarn I am not going to. I've just got too much stuff and I need to use some of it up, to make room for more, of course.

Gotta go shovel show! And thank goodness I can walk down to work.
Stay safe if you are experiencing this storm. Its beautiful I must say.


PS The pillow is Laura Gunn fabric. This is part of a lovely larger print line for Michael Miller.


  1. I hope your blog can inspire me to finish that damn skirt I vowed to begin/finish in the middle of November!
    Pillow is adorable. It just stopped snowing here--we got about 15"--yuck.
    Bummer about the card~Paula

  2. What a pretty pillow! I think the short fringe looks fine. :-)

    We don't have anymore snow here (it all melted away), but I do hope you might be able to post some photos of the snow storm.

    Take care.

  3. I love the choice of fabric! I can see why you would prefer longer fringe, but the shorter works as well. :)

    I love your blog's background. Very very pretty. ;)

  4. What a beautiful cushion and what a beautiful blog! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a follower on my blog. I hope you have a beautiful day!

  5. Very beautiful fabric! Just in time for Spring and perfect for the woman cave :)

    Have a good week! Wishing you warm sunny skies!
    :) Michelle


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