Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mosaic Table, new puppy and I'm glad to be back.

I've had to be on line less for a while, but now I'm back. I was scared I wouldn't have any followers left. Thank you for sticking with me.

I'm linking up to Whatever Goes Wednesday at Someday Crafts, check out the great craft projects there!

Here is a mosaic table top that I just finished grouting. My concept is that a bird has flown out of a stained glass window to grab a bug out of the mosaic table. The hunt for dishes to break is a lot of fun. And now when I break something in my kitchen I'm not upset any more because I pick up the pieces and put them in my mosaic box.

Msaicking is a learning process and I hope to keep improving. Next I may mosaic the sides or I may take a break and mosaic a wooden bowl. Note added: Actually I have decided to use the plates I've been collecting with roses on them to mosaic a lamp for my grown up foster daughter who loves roses.

All you need are wheeled nippers, some dishes, and some weldbond glue! I'm not giving instructions because they are all over the web.

Little table top grouted

AND I have a new puppy, here is Iggy sleeping next to Zorro. As I type this he is next to my other cat Ringo. I feel very fortunate that the kitties tolerate him. He's been a lot of fun.

Zorro & Iggy

Here he is on my lap:

Iggy at home on Kathy's lap

Thanks for looking!
I'm off to catch up on some blogs.


  1. Aw, he's so cute!

    I haven't had the patience to do a mosiac yet....

  2. Hi Kathy, I came to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, then saw a puppy and melted. :))) I am very much a dog person and have one myself, he is almost two now. Can imagine how busy he must be keeping you right now, but wow, this baby is adorable...


  3. Awww so jealous of your new pup! He is so cute--we have had to forgo getting a new puppy for a bit as we are selling our "big" house, and need to wait a bit. We lost our dog of 12 years last June. Maybe I can live vicariously through you....
    Love your mosiac! I love mosiacs, but havent done one in a LONG time.....

  4. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS, what a sweet little pup. I'm always shocked when cats and dogs get along. He really is a cutie. Thanks so much for commenting on my USPS box project!

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that table top! Gorgeous table, awesome concept! And that puppy is pretty cute, too! :)

  7. Hi! I love all of your art! How do I follow you or get email when you post?


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