Saturday, June 2, 2012

Things that give me the blues...

These tiles are going on the back of a piano that is one of 50 decorated pianos that will be put outdoors in the area that I live for the month of July for people to play on. My friend Susan masterminded the submitted and was chosen for her Blues piano concept piano and part of it was she asked people to make these squares for the back. She asked us to turn something that makes us blue into art or just do something blue. These are my first ones: Death (with a moveable deaths head), mosquito, my heart, and gravity (2 filler tiles not named.) Today we finished the piano. I'll post more pics later with some of the others. Lots of amazing artwork! CIMG2317 Other than that I've been gardening. Thanks for looking. Kathy


  1. That sounds like such an awesome way to get people to be creative together. :) They look gorgeous! I really love the mosquito.

  2. What a very interesting project to participate in! Lovely tiles!
    best, nadia


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