Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gingerbread House

Emboldened by my success making a giant gingerbread mushroom and not wanting my new skills to go to waste, I helped my neighbor and her 3 daughters (ages 12,10,8) to make a large gingerbread house.  I designed a four gable house so they would each have a large equal sized piece to decorate.  In their kitchen each of the girls rolled out and designed their front.  We baked them first so they would cool and they could decorate while I rolled out and baked the other pieces.

Here is the Mom and the 8yo's fronts (drying out on a cookie sheet, not baking them like this!):

Jennifer and Samantha's fronts

And here are the 12 yo and 10 yo's fronts:

Madeline and Katherine's fronts

There is just a little bit of side that will show so I practiced my piping on them.  I designed it so the foot print of the house is a cross.

I just did the small sides that showed

And here are two angles of the finished product.  I went over to take pictures last nite because the girls plan to demolish it and eat it on Christmas!

Gingerbread house Dec 2015

G-bread house 2015

And yes those are gummy worms around some of the windows.  An innovation I never imagined.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the holidays!


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