Saturday, January 2, 2010

Finished for Friday - End of the Christmas Goose

This isn't what I'd planned to post for FFF, but I didn't finish my dress. Maybe next week! Check out the other posts at Lit and Laundry's Finished For Friday!

I didn't love my Christmas Goose. Tho I cooked it by Julia Child's directions in my new cook book and gift from my dh "The Way to Cook".
I thought I would like all dark meat cuz I prefer dark chicken and turkey meat, and I like duck. But no. It is actually kind of chewy which doesn't appeal to me. So after making various leftover dishes which my dh ate most of, I finished it off Friday with Goose Pot Pie, following JC's recipe (sort of) for Turkey Pot Pie. Its good! But I didn't think to take a pic until we had eaten some.
Goose Fat is supposed to be the best thing to cook potatoes. You can see I have a jar there that I canned. I also gave 2 smaller ones away, but for them I painted the top of the jar pale yellow then glued the goose picture.
I fried some red cabbage and onions in it and it was delicious.


Happy New Year!



  1. You actually cooked a goose?? Wow. That alone impresses me. LOL! Enjoyed the post!

  2. I have eaten many different things since my dad was a hunter but we never ate goose because he always said it was too greasy. But that pot pie sure looks good.

  3. It is greasy, but that wasn't the problem, cuz I steamed it for an hour on top of the stove (in the roasting pan on two burners) to render the fat. That's how I got so much fat to can and its what JC said to do.
    The flavor just wasn't good enough to me, to counteract the chewyness.
    Thank you for commenting.

  4. My brother loves goose. He hunts so has it quite often. I don't care for goose or duck because of the dark meat factor. I am a turkey person(-; I bet your pot pie was scrumptious!(-:

  5. Hi dear friend,
    I am very a lot of indeed beautiful the jars painted compliments for your imagination... and cleverness!

    Good year

  6. Well - that sounds "interesting". I've never had goose. See all the things you are bringing into my awareness. Anyway -- YOU are a source of inspiration to me. I love your blog and your glass flowers are still one of my all time favorite tutorials. I am very curious about the "new orleans" garden art in the picture in your side bar. If you ever have a chance, please share. Now enjoy that dinner and the wonderful new year.

  7. I actually love Goose, my mother always made this every year for Christmas and it was tender moist and delicious! I haven't a clue how to make it though so, I'm sorry I can't offer any tips there. Sadly, I did not get my mothers cooking gene!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad you like this background!


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