Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting started with 10 minutes per day.

I decided a week or so ago that I had to spend at least 10 min per day furthering a creative project.
I had fallen into a funk. And I got an idea from another part of my life.
When I started saving money years ago I read a fantastic book called: "How to get what you want in life with the money you already have." In it you are instructed to carefully figure out how much you can save every month then ... (turn the page) cut that amount in half and that is what you commit to save! I usually saved more but I knew I only had to save the small amount and for some reason that was very freeing. And during a tough month, I knew I only had to save the small amount. Soo I tried it with my time commitment - Only 10 min. Since then I have completed sewing some new lined curtains for the living room (had the material for months) and broken and shaken 7 dishes for mosaic, made some concrete objects and started to make a new dress. The other part of the rule was that although in my case cooking and gardening don't count toward the 10 min, I give myself permission to feel very good about only doing 10 minutes particularly if I've done something big in one of those 2 areas.
I'm excited about projects again although still feeling a bit sad at times.
Funny how our brains work. Taking the first step is so important.
I am starting this blog to write my daily progress and encourage my friends (and anyone else) in a similar quandry to post how they have spent their 10 minutes. I hope we can support and encourage and learn from eachother!


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