Monday, September 28, 2009

More sewing for me. What are you up to?

Today I plan to sew more.  This 10 minutes routine convinced me that I know how, lol.  Just this morning I realized that since the sleeves are shear I should do french seams which I've never done before.  If I'm to finish the dress by Thursday it will take a lot more than 10 min a day.  Luckily the other thing that motivates me is short deadlines, lol.   Next week after the wedding  I'll be back to other projects, thank goodness. 

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  1. My friend Judith came over and consulted with me on buttons (we dug through my great grandmothers collection) and helped me relearn to use the botton hole method in my old Singer Touch and Sew. Its amazing! I'd forgotten about it. After a bit more practice tomorrow I'll make the button holes. Almost bought some cement supplies today, but I just won't be able to make it until next week so I held back.


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