Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What "counts" toward my 10 minutes

The obvious answer is whatever I say does.  But I've been wondering if all this sewing to make a dress by the time I need it later this week really is in the spirit of my original plan.  I've decided that it is for 2 related reasons.  The first is that I was inspired to make it by the good time I had making my simple lined curtains for the living room which I began as a 10 each day project.  The second is that I am learning so much because it is such a complicated pattern which I made more so by my fabric choice.  I egg myself on with 10 minute promises.  I can make sample practice button holes for 10 minutes, for example.  .Without the 10 minute plan I think that in the unlikely event that I would try to do this, I very likely would have given up by now. 
So sewing again today!

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  1. Ok, Last nite after spending way moer thn 10 minutes trying to face the slash in the arm at the cuff area, with many ripping out of stitches, I gave up and am using a closed cuff. Lesson: Know when to fold. If I'd given up earlier I'd be much further along. The other lesson is check you email as another friend whom I'd told what I'm doing offered to help. Oh well the closed cuff's may be better anyway.


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