Saturday, October 24, 2009

More flowers!

I made 4 more bouquets.  I picked up the arrangement from the museum to day and raided it!  With it and left over flowers that we didn't use I made 3 for the building that I manage.  We had a leak in the roof and the tenants who were affected adversely were so nice about it, I'm giving 2 for them and putting one in the conference room that they mostly use..  Plus I made a bouquet with yellow roses for my dfosterd.  and I'm going to get myself a pretty orchid at the florist Monday cuz now I want one too!


  1. Why don't you do a little tutorial on these flowers and I'll feature you in my blog? Would you be game? I love these flowers!!! I bet you think I'm becoming a stalker now, don't you?


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