Sunday, October 4, 2009

Use the 10 minutes however you want and I'm still in Toronto

Some people are cleaning up and doing yard work with their 10 minutes (or more as it may work out!).  I think that is fine.  What ever you need inspiration for is ok

Today I am still away from home in Toronto.  I bought some fabric since I don't live in a big city and don't get the choices that are here generally.  After choosing some likely patterns at burda style.  My ususal problem is that I love to shop but don't follow through on making stuff (including garden junk).  So what I am going to do today and !tomorrow is decide for sure what I am going to make with at least one of the fabrics, and then start it when I get home.  I don't have to sew what ever it is every day, can do other creative things if I want, but maybe I'll say I have to sew once a week until this project at least is complete.



  1. Sounds like you are doing great with your motivation idea! I'm proud of you.

    My ten minutes turned into 4 hours today. I started working on putting the fabric that I have decided to use over the insulation in the ceiling of the studio. I worked on that for 2 hours. Then the stool I was standing on tipped and almost dumped me on the floor. I caught myself using a beam but twisted my back in the process. So, hurting too bad to work on the ceiling anymore today, I started soldering the Christmas ornaments that I have been working on for teh past couple of weeks. I only got 2 out of 33 soldered before I needed to stop. Hopefully I will be able to move better tomorrow. Have a great day!


  2. Good job, ladies!
    My 10 minutes today turned into lots of 10 minutes! :0) Most of them were spent actually taking the glass I've bought the last two weeks from my living room and putting it away in my studio. I can actually see parts of my floor again! :0)
    Have a good one!


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