Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vintage thingys Thurday at Coloradolady

This is a post in response to Coloradolady's call for vintage postings.
She is here:

My Memere gave me these 8 great paper mache pumpkins years ago.  They were used as decorations when her children, my mom and her sisters, were young.And they actually burned candles in them!   I love them!  The second pic shows one of them on display with my dh's pine cabin from his boy hood.  You burn pine incense by putting it on the chimney.

halloween antique



  1. Your pumpkins are awesome. It's hard to believe that they were used - they look great. Especially the combination of papier mache and candles - yikes!

  2. I love your pumpkins. It is a miracle they survived with not even a scorch mark from using real candles! The log cabin is sweet too. We have one that my husband helped my daughter build years ago for a school project. Although not really vintage it is a treasured piece!

  3. WHat adorable pumpkins...I just love those...Thanks for posting today, now..I am off to explore your blog for a few minutes! Have a great weekend and a wonderful VTT

  4. Those paper mache pumpkins are amazing! They are so sweet, but I can't believe candles were burned in them! And the log cabin is great too. Cute idea to put the incense in the chimney to burn it!
    Happy VTT!

  5. Those pumpkins almost look alive!

  6. LOVE the pumpkins. Old time jack o lanterns look SO much spookier than the ones we have today -- such great expressions on their little faces.

    I can't believe how they survived so well, especially since they burned real candles in them.

  7. those pumpkins are very spooky looking! A great vintage thingy for the end of October.

  8. I love those pumpkins. I'm echoing the other comments by saying I can't believe they look so good after having candles burned in them...they are a wonderful family heirloom to bring out every year at Halloween.

  9. How VERY cool and I love the photos you took of them! Very nice.

  10. Those are great -- the expression is cute but creepy at the same time!

  11. Cute, the faces are so similar to the primitive art I see in so many stores these days.

  12. Thank you everyone for looking. The candle holders are still inside with wax residue. If you look at the one in the upper left you can see he has no paper for the colored eyes etc behind his cut out features. Apparently that one burned, lol, but not the pumpkin part fortunately.

  13. cute cute pumpkins!!

    Great idea about using hinges to make little bugs for plants.
    just put them on a wire and poke them in the dirt??

    thanks for coming by

    barbara jean

  14. Hi!
    Those pumpkins are so vintage and unique looking. What great treasures to have from your past!

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Great VTT offering, but a little creepy. I've seen repros of this style jack o lantern, but not originals, you're very lucky.
    I've added you to the NE Bloggers list. If you'd like to receive emails about online activities we may be doing, drop me a note at e_bogardus AT hotmail

  16. How adorable, unique, fragile, wonderful those are! I imagine it's rare to find paper mache items this old. I've never seen any like that. A real treasure!

  17. These are so cool! I didn't know they really made them that looked like that. I've seen "replicas", but didn't know there were really vintage ones like that. Awesome!

    P.S. - primroses are my favorite flower! My name on Dave's Garden is Primrose Sue!

  18. These are so awesome and all the better knowing your mom and her family enjoyed them too. Lucky they are in such great shape! Thanks for sharing them. Happy Halloween

  19. Isn't that ever cool!! It's wonderful to have pieces with a looong family history. The paper mache pumpkins are so unique. :-)

    PS: Thanks for stopping by the other day!


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